Chicken and fish in champagne? Even meat lovers find that funny...
Most (sparkling) wines are not vegan. The difference makes the clarification.So that the wine becomes clear, it must be filtered. Usually chicken egg white, gelatin or fish bladder is used to bind the turbidity in the wine.
Our champagne is mineral clarified. Using mineral clay has the same effect - and in many ways just makes more sense. You can find out more here ...

Yes. For this stands the indication "brut". Wines that still have between 7-15 grams of residual sugar fall into this category.

Our "cuvée début" has 7 grams of residual sugar per liter.


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The brand name loosely translated means "liveliness of transience". True, quite poetic. And absolutely understandable.
The name is based on two pillars: Nature and Life. The annual cycles in the vineyard perfectly reflect this cycle. In spring, the vine grows until it gives us its juicy grapes, shortly after which it sheds its foliage, only to come back to life a few months later.
Life is fleeting, we all are. To be aware of this in between motivates to create even more beautiful experiences and memories.
By the way: "en vie" = alive and "éphémère" = transient.

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