RTL - Our first TV appearance

RTL reported in October 2020 on

en vie d'éphemère. 

Linda, an elective from Cologne, met the camera team from Hesse in her cherished hometown to talk about good champagne and northern Hesse.

Interview with Marijke Amado

Marijke and Linda know each other from old times - and not from the Mini Playback Show ;-)

In Marijke Amado's Youtube format "Still all cups in the cupboard!?" the two talk over a glass about the media industry and facts that awakened Linda's enthusiasm for champagne.

Let's go from minute 38.

Start up - Find your own way

Linda was part of the Womens Networking Lounge webinar on "Insight into Starting a Business" as a speaker.

How her path went from a salaried manager to solopreneur, why she preferred to pursue many side jobs rather than looking for outside capital, about motivation and intuition - here are some excerpts from her talk.


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